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At Pride Street Realty, our experienced Pearland real estate service are backed by a team of real estate and property experts with decades of experience in the industry and is committed to providing you with the best real estate experience, and helping you reach the closing table faster. Contact us today to learn how our real estate & property services in Pearland, Texas save you time, hassle and money on your real estate transactions.
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Find the perfect starter, first-family or forever home with Pride Street Realty

Homes for Sale in Pearland, Texas

Whether you're looking for your starter home, your forever home or your dream home in Texas, Pride Street Realty will find the property you can take pride in.

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Commercial Tenant Services

Whether you're relocating your business or looking to lease or purchase your new location, we have what you need. Tenant advising, contract & price negotiation, we make sure you get the best terms.

Land for Sale in Texas

Land & Undeveloped Property Opportunities

Texas is a big state, and you have big needs. More people than ever before are moving and relocating to the state,. Pride Street Realty helps you quickly find the land and commercial real estate property that quickly helps you accomplish your real estate and investment goals.

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Commercial Property & Office Space Investments, Relocations and Growth Opportunities Tailored to You.

Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Pearland, Texas

Luxury Homes, Land and Business Ownership Opportunities in Pearland, Texas

If you have big real estate demands, Pride Street Realty gives you the property options that fulfill your needs, your budget, and your future.
Our Houston residential & commercial portfolio includes many great properties but they don't last long!

Contact our experienced Houston real estate agents today for a personalized
real estate search with up to the latest and greatest properties.
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Homes for Sale in Pearland, Texas
Whether your first second, or dream home, we find you the perfect property.
Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Pearland, Texas
We sell your home quickly & efficiently getting offers for your property.
We find you the perfect office & commercial location for you.
Pearland Residential Real Estate Services
Amazing Luxury Real Estate throughout Texas
Experienced Pearland Real Estate Agents & Commercial Brokers
Find the best residential, commercial & land investments.
Pearland Residential Real Estate Services
We help you relocate your home, business & life to Houston.
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Mortgages, Titles,  estates. Learn more about purchases.
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moving and growing a new business
Starting a business is a thrilling adventure, but you may quickly realize your current space isn’t suitable for your needs. Even with virtual collaboration more effortless than ever, you will need a workspace to accommodate your business. Statistics show that 3 million people left cities for the suburbs in a single year, further supporting that commutes and remote work are now more manageable. Here are four tips for moving while you start your new business.
You look around you and see that you’ve outgrown that corner of the kitchen you’ve called your home office for the past couple of years. You’ve got your eye on all that unused space—the space that may be home to a broken lawnmower, bicycles with flat tires, a fitness machine now covered in spiderwebs, and unmarked cardboard boxes—the garage. It can seem like turning that into a clean, comfortable, and efficient office is just too much. What if there are spiders? Have no fear. You can do this. You just need a plan. 
When choosing between a starter home and a forever home in Texas, figure out what you need out of the property first. If you’ve never owned a home before, have a young family, and want to find something at a lower price point, a starter home may be ideal for you. However, if you have a higher budget, are older, further along in your career (or retired), or have specific tastes, it may be time to find the house you want to stay in indefinitely. Buying a home in Texas is one of the most simultaneously stressful and exciting things you can ever do. Many people aren’t sure whether they want to buy a home that can accommodate their basic needs and help them get their feet wet in real estate or a more polished property designed to serve their specific needs and more refined tastes.