Finding the Right Seller

Finding the Right Seller
Updated on
June 9, 2021

What makes a good seller?

The best seller is one who is highly motivated. A highly motivated seller is more likely to sell at a price that is less than his or her house is actually worth. And it matters that you find out why. Learning the reason why can help you get the price you want and help the seller get what they want: a timely sale.

Finding the right property seller

When given the opportunity to meet with sellers, ask them why they are selling. The reason could be anything, such as a job change to a new location or financial problems. If you can solve their problem, whether it is cash related or time related, do so. For example, if the sellers are highly motivated because they need to move quickly, give them a fast sale - and a lower price. If you can make an offer, even a low one, that gives them cash in a short time, they are more likely to accept.

There are also some sellers that you should avoid. Not every seller is as genuinely motivated as they make themselves to be. Some possible hints:

  • they stall on having the home appraised or inspected
  • they are unable to clear up liens against their property
  • they do not own 100% of their property
  • they push back the move-out date
  • they do not have a replacement property or back up plan

Searching for the right seller

It is impossible to find the perfect seller. But it is possible to find out which sellers are legit and which ones aren’t. You should always have a qualified real estate professional to help you mitigate all potential concerns. Contact Pride Street Realty to have a property search tailored to your needs.

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